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Swedish premiere!

Finally, it is time for the Swedish premiere! After over a year of touring around the world will “Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises” be screened in Gothenburg on the 18th of May, and I am especially proud to announce that it will be part of the official program at the old and beautiful Bio Roy.

Subtitles are in Swedish and there are 286 seats. At the moment there is one screening planned but as tickets get sold out more might be scheduled. For more information and booking, please visit their website at:

There is also a new poster.

We also want in

The third out of eight short films in the project Vi vill också vara med (We also want in) has now been completed.

Titled Something for the Olympic Games it will just as the first in the series, To become a priest, be released to film festivals around the world and then later exposed together with the others. To learn more just follow the links.

This Sunday we are also shooting the fourth film which is a remake of an old sketch starring Lucas Gren.

/Karl Sterner