Work in progress

I am currently looking at alternative ways to finance my film making. Competition to win support from the Swedish Film Institute, SVT and other financiers is extremely tough. We are a group of film makers who have decided to start a film collective,  hoping that we together can facilitate film making and distribution. We are still to define exactly how this will be done but more news are to be updated. Though some of us are soon to finish our first production, a short film to be released 2021 with the title “What a beautiful day” (Äntligen är sommaren här).

Apart from this I am working on a new feature film project together with script writer Tina Lenne, Producer Nazeli G Vera and DOP Johan Sellström but so far we are keeping our ideas to ourselves. We have the story more or less clear to us, have already shoot and edited a pitch film, but are having a hard time raising funds.

I n the meantime we are working on a couple of short films and I am also just about to finish a novel that I have been writing the last couple of year.

I f your interested please contact me at kalle.sterner86(@)

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