We also want to play

With the Swedish title; “Vi vill också vara med”, this is a serie based on eight separate short films (6-12 minutes) with the same theme and mockumentary approach. All are portraits of people with a dream, one stranger than the other, depicting what loneliness can do to us. All with a large portion of humor.

The series was released through an online live event organised by Berlin Revolution Film Festival in April 2020. But to test how well the episodes hold being presented on their own I had already submitted three of them to festivals to which all of them was accepted and appreciated by the audience. First out was To become a Priest, shown at various festivals around Europe, followed by It is more fun to give than to take and Something for the Olympic Games.

These eight stories have also been merged into one feature film where they neatly overlap and where each story enforces the others. This is Drama with a lot of humour… or perhaps a comedy.

Humanity was created through storytelling