Work in progress

Vi vill också vara med – We also want in

Is a project based on eight short films (6-12 minutes) with the same theme and mockumentary approach. The stories depict lonely souls striving for some strange goal.

These eight stories are now being merged into one feature film depicting loneliness in a somewhat absurd way. The stories will neatly overlaps and each story enforces the others. This is Drama with a lot of humour… or perhaps a comedy.

The short films can also be presented in a series. To test how well they hold being presented on their own I have submitted three of the short films to festivals and all of them have succeeded. First out was To become a Priest, having been screened at various festivals around Europe, followed by It is more fun to give than to take and Something for the Olympic Games.

Vet vi inte ens varifrån vi kommer?

Script writer Tina Lenne and I are searching for finance and partnership to rewrite this feature film which first version was written already in 2012. In that same year we shot and edited a pilot but the project has since then been in hibernation, soon to be resuscitated. 

Humanity was created through storytelling