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4 days and 4 screenings

My little tour of screenings is over for this time, and all turned out very well. I am yet to hear from the screening at the festival in Scotland but here in Sweden I visited all and I am overwhelmed, to say the least, over how well the film was received. In Stockholm we filled the cinema with about 150 spectators and almost our entire team was their to greet the audience. And in Säffle, at their filmstudio, the audience rate all the movies anonymously afterwards and we scored a 5.2 on a scale from 1-6, and that being the highest score of the year, beating 16 other movies. Only the old classic movie “The Party” with Peter Sellers came close to us.

Thank you for this round!


Stream our film!

Great news for everyone who hasn’t been able to visit the cinemas to see Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises. You can now stream the full film at the recently launched independent film site Illambra for only 2.99€.

Still frame used instead of poster

Illambra is an author driven streaming site which aims to make it easier both for people to find interesting independent films but where also a large share of the profit go straight to the filmmakers.

Screenings in Gävle and in Scotland!

Great news for everyone in Gävle and Scotland!

Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises is being screened at various locations these coming days. First out on Saturday the 1st of december there is a screening at Bio 7:an in Gävle (Sweden) at  14.30. Then we have the already announced screening in Stockholm on the 2nd of december and finally there is a screening at a festival at the Oban Phoenix Cinema in Scotland on the 4th of december as well as a closed screening in a filmstudio in Säffle (Sweden) also on the 4th.

I will visit all these Swedish screenings but unfortunately can’t come to the one in Oban.